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All CDs in Category 'Rock & Roll'
Items Listed: 1-100 of 2987
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Picture Artist Title Format Price Number
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10,000 MANIACSBlind Man's ZooCD (Used - Good) $4.986-EKS-60815-12
NoPicture30 SECONDS TO MARS30 Seconds To Mars (enhanced)CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-IMM-12424-12
NoPicture38 SPECIALBone Against SteelCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-CHAR-91640-12
NoPictureRock & Roll StrategyCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-A&M-5218-12
7 YEAR BITCHGato NegroCD (Used - Good) $4.986-ATL-82873-12
A DAY TO REMEMBERFor Those Who Have Heart (+ Bonus DVD)CD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-VICR-443-12
A HOUSE360 N RockinghamCD (Used - Good) $6.986-RDA-PRO-3331-12
NoPictureI Am The GreatestCD (Used - Like New) $3.986-RDA-10600-12
A*TEENSTeen SpiritCD (Used - Like New) $9.98**6-MCA-13704-12
A-HAMemorial BeachCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-WB-45229-12
Minor Earth/Major SkyCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-WEA-82183-12
A-LINES, THEYou Can TouchCD (Used - Good) $4.986-SYMP-744-12
A.F.I.All Hallows E.P.CD (Used - Acceptable) $2.996-NITR-15829-12
Sing The SorrowCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-DRMW-50380-12
A.K.A.S (ARE EVERYWHERE!)Everybody Make Some Noise!CD (Used - Like New) $2.996-METR-526-12
A.M. RADIORadioactiveCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-EKS-62846-12
A.R. KANEAmericanaCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-SIRE-26669-12
New Clear ChildCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-WB-45253-12
NoPictureRemixesCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-RT-382-12
A1A1CD (Used - Like New) $2.996-COL-86628-12
NoPictureABANDONED POOLSArmed To The TeethCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-UNIV-0005269-12
NoPictureABCAbracadabraCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-MCA-10184-12
NoPictureAbsolutelyCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-MERC-842967-12
How To Be A ZillionaireCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-MERC-824904-12
NoPictureUpCD (Used - Very Good) $6.996-MERC-838646-12
ABENAATuesday's ChildCD (New)$3.986-NKUN-10602-2
ABERDEEN CITYFreezing Atlantic, TheCD (New)$9.986-DVCT-83944-2
ABHINANDAAbhinandaCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-VICR-9-12
ABILEENAbileenCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-NO-ABILEEN-none-12
AbileenCD (New)$5.996-NO-ABILEEN-none-2
ABOUT THE FIRERites of Passage - A Study In Failure And RedemptionCD (New)$6.986-INDY-HCNL 040-2
ABSOLUTE ZEROSDreams Gone SourCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-BIGD-99053-12
NoPictureABSURD MINDSNoumenonCD (New)$6.986-DFD-21115-2
NoPictureAC/DCBack In BlackCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-ATL-16018-12
NoPictureRazors EdgeCD (Used - Like New) $5.986-ATCO-91413-12
NoPictureACADEMY IS, THEAlmost HereCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-FBR-071-12
NoPictureSantiCD (Used - Good) $2.996-ATL-94667-12
NoPictureACADEMY OF CHESS AND CHECKERSCollision EPCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-INDY-EDGE CITY 9449-12
NoPictureACCEPTANCEPhantomsCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-COL-89016-12
NoPictureACCIDENT EXPERIMENT, THEUnited We Fear (explicit)CD (Used - Like New) $4.986-RKRM-61081-12
NoPictureUnited We Fear (explicit)CD (New)$6.996-RKRM-61081-2
NoPictureACETroubleshooterCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-BEC-7443-12
NoPictureACE OF BASELiving In Danger (5 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-2754-12
NoPictureACETATEThis Band Makes Me FeelCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-SANC-84742-12
NoPictureACETONEAcetoneCD (Used - Acceptable) $2.996-INDY-VAPOR-46818-12
NoPictureAcetoneCD (Used - Good) $2.996-VERN-2-12
NoPictureACID TESTDropCD (Used - Acceptable) $2.996-WB-45317-12
NoPictureACOUSTIC ALCHEMYReference PointCD (Used - Very Good) $6.996-GRP-9614-12
NoPictureACOUSTIC JUNCTIONStrange DaysCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-OMAD-002-12
NoPictureACROMAOrbitalsCD (Used - Like New) $9.986-UNIV-0000117-12
NoPictureACTION ACTIONArmy Of Shapes Between Wars, AnCD (Used - Good) $3.986-VICR-PRO-285-12
NoPictureArmy Of Shapes Between Wars, AnCD (Used - Good) $2.996-VICR-285-12
NoPictureDon't Cut Your Fabric To This Year's FashionCD (Used - Good) $2.996-VICR-219-12
NoPictureACTION FIGURE PARTYAction Figure PartyCD (Used - Acceptable) $2.996-BTM-543417-12
NoPictureACUMENOut Of BalanceCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-HOLO-4712-12
NoPictureTransmissions From Eville (explicit)CD (New)$6.996-INDY-FIFTH COLVMN-63181-2
NoPictureTransmissions From Eville (explicit)CD (Used - Like New) $4.986-INDY-FIFTH COLVMN-63181-12
NoPictureADAM ANTManners & PhysiqueCD (New)$9.986-MCA-6315-2
NoPictureWonderfulCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-CAP-108141-12
NoPictureADAM BOMBGrave New WorldCD (Used - Like New) $9.986-SONY-57109-12
NoPictureADAMS, BRYANCuts Like A KnifeCD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-A&M-3288-12
NoPictureEighteen Til I DieCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-A&M-540551-12
NoPictureLet's Make A Night To RememberCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-A&M-1863-12
NoPictureLive! Live! Live!CD (Used - Like New) $6.996-A&M-397094-12
NoPictureMTV UnpluggedCD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-A&M-0831-12
On A Day Like TodayCD (New)$11.986-A&M-541014-2
NoPictureSo Far So GoodCD (New)$11.986-A&M-0157-2
NoPictureSo Far So GoodCD (Used - Like New) $6.996-A&M-0157-12
NoPictureWaking Up The NeighboursCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-A&M-5367-12
NoPictureADAMS, RYANDemolitionCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-LHWY-170333-12
NoPictureADAMSKIBorn To Be Alive / Never Goin' Down / Killer / Over KillerCD (Used - Good) $3.986-MCA-2060-12
NoPictureADDICTStonesCD (Used - Like New) $6.986-BIGC-81845-12
NoPictureStonesCD (New)$9.986-BIGC-81845-2
NoPictureADELAYDARoom To BreatheCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-INDY-SUPERKALA-001-12
NoPictureADELITAS WAYAdelitas Way (explicit)CD (Used - Like New) $6.986-VIR-65760-12
NoPictureADEMAAdema (clean)CD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-ARI-14721-12
NoPictureADIEMUSSongs Of SanctuaryCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-VIR-67524-12
NoPictureADOLESCENTSOC ConfidentialCD (New)$14.986-FING-6316-2
NoPictureADORED, THEEPCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-V2-7213-12
NoPictureNew Language, ACD (New)$9.986-V2-27300-2
NoPictureADRENALIN JUNKIESElectro TribeCD (Used - Like New) $6.986-EAR-215-12
NoPictureADVANTAGE, THEAdvantage, TheCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-5RC-028-12
NoPictureADVENTURE BABIES, THEBarking MadCD (Used - Good) $5.996-FACT-347-12
NoPictureADVENTURES IN STEREOMonomaniaCD (Used - Good) $2.996-INDY-BOBSLED-11-12
NoPictureAEFFECT, THESecrets & LiesCD (New)$6.986-INDY-HITCHIKER-0100-2
NoPictureAEREOGRAMMEStory In White, ACD (Used - Like New) $7.986-MATA-533-12
AEROSMITHBig OnesCD (New)$12.986-GEF-24716-2
Big OnesCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-GEF-24716-12
NoPictureClassics LiveCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-COL-57369-12
NoPictureClassics Live IICD (Used - Like New) $7.986-COL-57370-12
GemsCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-COL-44487-12
NoPictureGemsCD (Used - Like New) $9.986-COL-57371-12
NoPictureHonkin' On BoboCD (Used - Like New) $9.986-COL-87025-12
NoPictureI Don't Want To Miss A ThingCD (Used - Good) $4.986-COL-78952-12
NoPictureJust Push PlayCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-CSP-62088-12
NoPictureJust Push PlayCD (New)$9.986-CSP-62088-2
NoPictureLittle South Of Sanity (clean)CD (Used - Like New) $12.986-GEF-25308-12
NoPictureLivin' On The EdgeCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-GEF-4498-12
NoPictureNight In The RutsCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-COL-66677-12
Nine Live (enhanced)CD (Used - Like New) $6.996-COL-67547-12
* = Limited Quantity     ** = Very Limited Quantity

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