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All CDs in Category 'Dance'
Items Listed: 1-100 of 229
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Picture Artist Title Format Price Number
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A*TEENSTeen SpiritCD (Used - Like New) $9.98**6-MCA-13704-12
NoPictureABDUL, PAULAForever Your GirlCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-VIR-86067-12
NoPictureHead Over HeelsCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-VIR-40525-12
NoPictureIt's Just The Way That You Love Me (4 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-VIR-PRO-2438-12
NoPictureShut Up And Dance: The Dance MixesCD (Used - Like New) $5.986-VIR-86163-12
NoPictureSpellboundCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-VIR-91611-12
NoPictureACE OF BASEAll That She WantsCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-12617-12
NoPictureAll That She WantsCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-861271-12
NoPictureBeautiful Life (6 versions)CD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-12918-12
NoPictureBridge, TheCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-ARI-8806-12
NoPictureCruel Summer:The Remixes (5 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-13506-12
NoPictureDon't Turn Around (2 vers.) / Dancer In A DaydreamCD (New)$5.996-ARI-12692-2
NoPictureDon't Turn Around (2 vers.) / Dancer In A DaydreamCD (Used - Like New) $2.996-ARI-12692-12
NoPictureDon't Turn Around (Aswad Mix)CD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-ARI-ACECD2-12
NoPictureLiving In DangerCD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-12774-12
NoPictureLiving In Danger (5 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $2.996-ARI-2754-12
NoPictureLucky LoveCD (Used - Good) $2.996-ARI-12980-12
NoPictureSign, TheCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-ARI-18740-12
NoPictureSign, The (4 vers.)CD (Used - Good) $2.996-ARI-12673-12
NoPictureWhenever You're Near Me (6 vers.)CD (Used - Like New) $3.986-ARI-13554-12
NoPictureACOSTA, GEORGEPresents Members Of XCD (Used - Like New) $9.98**6-MAXM-2166-12
NoPictureADAM, CLIFFBanana Featuring AmigoCD (New)$11.986-REM-003-2
NoPictureADULT.Gimmie TroubleCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-THRJ-159-12
NoPictureAFRO CELT SOUND SYSTEMSeedCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-RWR-81508-12
NoPictureVol 2: ReleaseCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-RWR-17324-12
NoPictureVol I: Sound MagicCD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-RWR-62359-12
NoPictureAFRODISIAC SOUNDSYSTEMHandful Of A.S.S., ACD (New)$11.986-KSD-none-2
NoPictureAGENTSFor All The MassiveCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-RADR-70022-12
NoPictureAGUA BUENAEl Swing Del Mambo AquaticoCD (Used - Good) $7.986-NOTA-1038-12
NoPictureAGUILERA, CHRISTINAStrippedCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-RCA-68037-12
NoPictureAIRBISCUITLately (6 vers.)CD (Used - Good) $2.996-INDY-ZENITH CAFÉ-205-12
NoPictureAJAXOne WorldCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-WAX -112-12
NoPictureALICE DEEJAYBetter Off Alone (6 vers.)CD (Used - Acceptable) $6.996-AVEX-218-12
NoPictureAMADOR, EDDIEInternational Club Union Session 2CD (Used - Like New) $7.986-ICU-2181-12
NoPictureAMBIENT TEMPLE OF IMAGINATIONPlanetary House NationCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-MNDS-0003-12
NoPictureAMBULANCECurse Of Vale Do Lobo, TheCD (Used - Like New) $6.986-PLMU-067-12
NoPictureAMERICAN MUSIC CLUBHello AmsterdamCD (Used - Good) $9.986-WB-45862-12
MercuryCD (Used - Like New) $6.996-WB-45226-12
NoPictureANGEL, DAVEClassicsCD (Used - Very Good) $6.996-DSTN-0422-12
NoPictureANYTHING BOXElektrodelicaCD (Used - Acceptable) $5.986-JARR-1340-12
NoPictureAPOLLO SMILEApollo SmileCD (Used - Very Good) $6.996-GEF-24299-12
NoPictureAPPOGEEUnconscious RuckusCD (New)$11.986-KANP-73036-2
NoPictureASIAN DUB FOUNDATIONFree Satpal Ram (3 vers.) / Tribute To John StevensCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-LON-01252-12
NoPictureATLAS, NATACHASomething DangerousCD (Used - Acceptable) $2.996-MTRA-1035-12
NoPictureBABY TALKDancing Baby By (3-D Animated Cover)CD (Used - Like New) $6.996-PP-4410-12
NoPictureBAR-KAYS, THEBest OfCD (Used - Acceptable) $6.996-THUM-9428-12
NoPictureBEENIE MANFeel It Boy (2 vers.) / Bossman (2 vers.)CD (Used - Like New) $5.986-VIR-46718-12
NoPictureBOOMKATWreckoning, The (2 vers.)CD (New)$4.986-DRMW-0066-2
CAREY, MARIAH#1's (+ 4 Bonus Tracks)CD (Used - Like New) $7.986-COL-69670-12
MTV Unplugged EPCD (Used - Like New) $5.986-COL-52758-12
RainbowCD (Used - Like New) $5.986-COL-63800-12
CARTER, AARONAaron's Party (Come Get It)CD (Used - Like New) $6.986-JIVE-41708-12
CASSANDRACassandraCD (New)$7.986-HDH-6801-2
COLLINS, BOOTSYPlay With BootsyCD (Used - Good) $5.986-UNIV-579167-12
NoPictureCORSTEN, FERRYPassport: Kingdom Of The NetherlandsCD (Used - Acceptable) $6.996-THRV-90735-12
NoPictureRight Of Way (+ Bonus DVD)CD (Used - Acceptable) $5.986-MNSH-80215-12
NoPictureDAY BEHAVIORHave You Ever Touched A Dream?CD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-ADD-1159-12
NoPictureDAYNE, TAYLORCan't Fight FateCD (Used - Good) $4.986-ARI-8581-12
NoPictureDE NOVO DAHLShoutCD (Used - Like New) $6.996-ROAD-13869-12
NoPictureDEEE-LITEDewdrops In The GardenCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-EKS-61526-12
NoPictureFATBOY SLIMOn The Floor At The Boutique (explicit)CD (Used - Very Good) $6.996-ASWR-49130-12
NoPictureFUNKADELICCollection, Vol. 1CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-INDY-ONEPAK-597-12
NoPictureGAP BANDBest OfCD (New)$9.986-THUM-13775-2
NoPictureBest OfCD (Used - Like New) $6.996-THUM-13775-12
NoPictureGOUDS THUMBGouds ThumbCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-CRTQ-15457-12
NoPictureGROOVE ARMADAGoodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)CD (Used - Good) $4.986-JIVE-41753-12
NoPictureVertigoCD (Used - Like New) $6.996-JIVE-41683-12
NoPictureHARAJUKUJust One LookCD (Used - Good) $4.986-ZYX-20373-12
NoPictureHARDCASTLE, PAULHardcastleCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-JVC -2033-12
NoPictureHEADRILLAZColdharbour RocksCD (Used - Good) $4.986-V2-32500-12
NoPictureIVY QUEENIn The Zone (2 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-SONY-83060-12
NoPictureIn The Zone (5 vers.)CD (Used - Like New) $6.996-SONY-82931-12
NoPictureJACKSON, JANETDesign Of A Decade: 1986-1996CD (Used - Like New) $7.986-A&M-0399-12
NoPictureI Get Lonely (3 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-VIR-38631-12
Rhythm Nation 1814CD (Used - Like New) $4.986-A&M-3920-12
Velvet Rope, TheCD (Used - Like New) $6.986-VIR-44762-12
NoPictureYou Want This / New Agenda / 70's Love GrooveCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-VIR-38455-12
NoPictureJACKSON, MICHAELHistory - Past, Present & Future: Book 1CD (Used - Good) $5.996-EPIC-59000-12
NoPictureJACKSON, MICHAEL / JANET JACKSONScream (5 vers.) / ChildhoodCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-EPIC-78001-12
NoPictureScream / ChildhoodCD (Used - Good) $4.986-EPIC-78000-12
NoPictureK.K. PROJECTI Like To Move ItCD (Used - Very Good) $9.986-ZYX-66132-12
NoPictureKATALINASonic GrooveCD (Used - Like New) $5.986-THUM-9958-12
NoPictureSonic Groove RemixesCD (Used - Very Good) $3.986-THUM-2233-12
KAZZMERE, LUKEFly AwayCD (Used - Like New) $4.986-KTEL-4315-12
NoPictureKELISFlesh ToneCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-WIAM-B001437602-12
KHAOCrazy Diseased & BarmyCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-STK7-17-12
NoPictureKHOSA, MAGAYISA C.Shangaan DiscoCD (Used - Like New) $7.986-GNP-2215-12
NoPictureKID CREOLE & THE COCONUTSKid Creole ReduxCD (Used - Good) $5.986-SIRE-26738-12
NoPictureThe Sex Of ItCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-COL-73256-12
NoPictureLA BOUCHEFallin' In LoveCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-LOGC-59018-12
NoPictureLEWIS, D.J. NEILMagnitude 2000: Late Night, Vol. 2CD (New)$7.986-TRMR-1003-2
LOPEZ, JENNIFERFeelin' So Good (2 vers.)CD (Used - Good) $4.986-WORK-79387-12
J To Tha L-o: The Remixes (explicit)CD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-EPIC-86399-12
Jenny From The Block (4 vers.) / AliveCD (Used - Very Good) $5.996-EPIC-673281-12
MOBYPlayCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-V2-27049-12
OHIO PLAYERSJamCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-MERC-532406-12
OUTTA CONTROLOutta ControlCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-IHR-20154-12
PET SHOP BOYSIntrospectiveCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-MANH-90868-12
NoPicturePINK, BONNIEReminiscenceCD (Used - Acceptable) $6.996-WMM-10193-12
PINKER TONES, THEWild AnimalsCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-NCNL-20007-12
* = Limited Quantity     ** = Very Limited Quantity

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