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All Recordings in Category 'Soundtracks'
Items Listed: 1-100 of 658
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NoPictureAMERICAN FILM ORCHESTRAGhost And Other Hollywood Hits: The Ultimate Tribute S.T.R.CD (New)$12.986-IS-5440-2
NoPictureMen In Black And Other Hollywood Hits: The Ultimate Tribute S.T.R.CD (New)$12.986-IS-5439-2
NoPictureSleepless In Seattle And Other Hollywood Hits: The Ultimate Tribute S.T.R.CD (New)$12.986-IS-5436-2
Themes From The Lion King & Other Movie Hits S.T.R.CD (Used - Like New) $3.986-1STC-4585-12
NoPictureWaiting To Exhale & Other Movie Hits S.T.R.CD (Used - Like New) $4.986-IS-4601-12
NoPictureBASSEY, SHIRLEYGoldsinger: The Best OfCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-EMI-35880-12
NoPictureBERTONE, BRUNO-ORCHESTRAAcademy Award Songs 1934 - 1943CD (Used - Like New) $5.986-LASE-159-12
NoPictureBLOODSTONETrain Ride to Hollywood O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-LON-665-3
BUFFETT, PETER500 Nations: A Musical Journey O.T.V.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-EPIC-66990-12
NoPictureBUSTA RHYMES / CHINGY \ FAT JOE / NICK CANNONShorty (Put It On The Floor) (6 vers.)CD (Used - Like New) $9.986-HOLL-11640-12
NoPictureCHARLES, RAY / CLEO LAINEPorgy & Bess S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1831-3
NoPictureELECTRIC MOOG ORCHESTRAClose Encounters...Music From S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-MSCR-8803-3
NoPictureFRANKLIN, ARETHASparkle8-Track (New)$9.986-ATL-18176-3
NoPictureGABRIEL, PETERPassion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ (Soundtrack)CD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-GEF-24206-12
NoPictureHARRIS, RICHARDProphet, The: Khalil Gibran8-Track (New)$9.986-ATL-18120-3
NoPictureHAYES, ISAACThree Tough Guys O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-ENPS-7504-3
NoPictureHELMET \ HOUSE OF PAINJust Another Victim (5 vers.)CD (Used - Good) $4.986-EPIC-659616-12
NoPictureIMPRESSIONS, THEThree The Hard Way O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-AMPX-88602-3
NoPictureJACKSON, JANETDoesn't Really Matter (4 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-DEFJ-62846-12
NoPictureJARRE, MAURICELean By Jarre: Musical Tribute To David LeanCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-MLAN-35629-12
NoPictureJOHN, ELTONFriends O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-PCK-3598-3
NoPictureJONES, QUINCYRoots: The Saga Of An American Family O.T.V.8-Track (New)$9.986-A&M-4626-3
NoPictureKNIGHT, GLADYS & THE PIPSPipe Dreams O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-BUD-5676-3
NoPictureKORNDid My Time (2 vers.) / OneCD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-IMM-79977-12
LIMP BIZKITTake A Look AroundCD (Used - Very Good) $5.986-INTR-97350-12
LIVING COLOURSunshine Of Your Love (2 vers.)CD (Used - Very Good) $4.986-LTSM-PRO-6165-12
NoPictureLIVING STRINGSPlay The Music From 'Darling Lili' S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-PCK-1099-3
NoPictureLONDON POPS ORCHESTRAAward Winning Movie Themes S.T.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $5.986-INDY-MICHELE-15090-12
NoPictureLONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRALords Of The Musicals: The Works Of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd WebberCD (Used - Very Good) $6.986-INDY-FOCUS-201-12
NoPictureLONDON WESTEND SINGERS \ LONDON THEATRE ORCHESTRAPhantom Of The Opera, The: A Tribute To The Music From S.T.R.CD (New)$9.986-BCI-40890-2
LOVIN' SPOONFULSummer In The City (2 vers.) / Got It Covered (From 'Die Hard With A Vengeance')CD (Used - Good) $3.986-RCA-66380-12
NoPictureMANCINI, HENRYPeter Gunn O.T.V.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-2143-3
NoPictureMAYFIELD, CURTISShort Eyes O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-CUR-5017-3
McCARTNEY, PAULGive My Regards To Broad StreetVinyl (Used - Very Good) $9.98**6-COL-39613-11
McLACHLAN, SARAHI Will Remember You (+ 4 Bonus Tracks)CD (Used - Good) $4.986-ARI-12949-12
MONTENEGRO, HUGOMusic From 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' & 'A Fistful Of Dollars' & 'For A Few Dollars More' S.T.R.CD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-RCA-53927-12
NEWMAN, RANDYRandy Newman's FaustCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-RPS-45672-12
NORMAN, NEIL & HIS COSMIC ORCHESTRAGreatest Science Fiction HitsCD (New)$9.986-GNP-2128-2
NoPictureGreatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. IICD (New)$9.986-GNP-2133-2
NoPictureGreatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. IICD (Used - Like New) $7.986-GNP-2133-12
Greatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. IIICD (New)$9.986-GNP-2163-2
Greatest Science Fiction Hits, Vol. IVCD (New)$5.986-GNP-2258-2
NoPictureORIGINAL CAST RECORDING (O.C.R.)Boyfriend, The: The Musical Comedy Of The 1920's O.C.R.CD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-JAY-1289-12
Cabaret O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-63173-12
Camelot O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-SONY-60542-12
Camelot O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-COL-32602-12
Carousel O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-MCA-10799-12
Chorus Line, A O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-COLM-65282-12
NoPictureCoCo O.B.C.8-Track (New)$9.986-PMT-9008-3
Color Purple, The O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-ANG-42954-12
NoPictureCopacabana O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-1STN-1943-12
NoPictureCurtains: A Great Big New Musical Comedy O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-ANG-92212-12
Dreamgirls O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-GEF-2007-12
Fiddler On The Roof O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-COL-30742-12
NoPictureFifty Million Frenchmen O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-NEWW-80417-12
Fosse O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-63379-12
Girl Crazy O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-COL-60704-12
NoPictureGodspell O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-BELL-1102-3
NoPictureGodspell O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-BELL-1118-3
NoPictureGrease O.B.C.8-Track (New)$9.986-MGM-34-3
NoPictureGrease! The New Broadway Cast RecordingCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-62703-12
Grease: A New 50's Rock 'N Roll Musical O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-POLY-827548-12
NoPictureGuys And Dolls O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-MOT-5277-12
Guys And Dolls: The New Broadway Cast Recording O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-61317-12
NoPictureHair O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-0986-3
NoPictureJesus Christ Superstar (excerpts) O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-SPB-40000-3
NoPictureJoseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-SCP-588-3
Kiss Of The Spider Woman: The Musical O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-61579-12
La Cage Aux Folles O.B.C.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-RCA-4824-12
Last 5 Years, The O.C.R.CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-INDY-SHKBOOM-4001-12
NoPictureOver Here O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-32961-3
Phantom Of The Opera, The (highlights) O.C.R.CD (Used - Like New) $9.986-RUR-831563-12
NoPicturePorgy & Bess O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-2016-3
NoPictureRaisin O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-32754-3
NoPictureRex O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1683-3
NoPictureThey're Playing Our Song O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-CASA-7141-3
NoPictureTruth Of Truths, Vol. 2 O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-OAK-81391001-3
NoPictureORIGINAL RADIO BROADCAST (O.R.B.)Hamlet O.R.B.CD (Used - Good) $11.986-BBC-45536-12
NoPictureOSIBISASuperfly T.N.T. O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-BUD-5136-3
PRINCEGraffiti Bridge (explicit)CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-PAIS-27493-12
PRINCE & THE REVOLUTIONParade: Music From The Motion Picture 'Under The Cherry Moon'CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-PAIS-25395-12
PUFF DADDY / FUZZBUBBLECome With Me: Remix (4 vers.) / Out ThereCD (Used - Acceptable) $3.986-EPIC-78966-12
NoPictureROSS, DIANAMahogany O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-MOT-858-3
SEALS & CROFTSOne On One O.S.T.Vinyl (New)$9.986-WB-3076-1
NoPictureOne On One O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-3076-3
NoPictureSMITH, LONNIE LISTON & THE COSMIC ECHOESLive8-Track (New)$9.986-FD-2433-3
SOUNDTRACK (O.S.T.)1492: Conquest Of ParadiseCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-ATL-82432-12
NoPicture40 Year-Old Virgin, The (+ Bonus Track)CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-SHFA-38737-12
4th Floor, TheCD (New)$9.986-GNP-8064-2
50 First DatesCD (Used - Very Good) $7.986-MAV-48675-12
500 Days Of SummerCD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-SIRE-49771-12
54: Vol. 1CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-TB-1293-12
NoPicture54: Vol. 2CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-TB-1294-12
5th Ward: Vol. 1 - Deluxe Edition (explicit)CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-FBWL-7001-12
8 Mile (explicit)CD (Used - Like New) $9.986-SHAD-493508-12
8 Mile: More Music From (explicit)CD (Used - Acceptable) $4.986-SHAD-450979-12
NoPictureAfrica Addio8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3022-3
NoPictureAlice's Restaurant8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3037-3
NoPictureAll This And World War II8-Track (New)$9.986-TWC-522-3
Ally McBeal: Songs From O.T.V.CD (Used - Like New) $7.986-SONY-69365-12
* = Limited Quantity     ** = Very Limited Quantity

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