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Welcome to Square Deal Recordings & Supplies
World's Largest Selection of Media Packaging, Shipping & Preservation Supplies!


July 2020: Face Masks Now in Stock - 25% Off Cardboard CD Boxes - New Patches, Buttons and More!
March 2020: 20% Off 12" 4mil Record Outer Sleeves - New Patches, Stickers and More!
February 2020: 25% Off Resealable Current Comic Sleeves - New Patches, Sticker, Buttons and More!
January 2020: 20% OFF 12" HDPE Record Inner Sleeves - New Patches, Sticker, Buttons and More!
December 2019: 33-1/3% Off 12" Oversize Resealable Record Outer Sleeves - New Patches, Sticker, Buttons, Pins and More!
November 2019: 20% Off 7" Record Inner Sleeves - New Buttons, Pins, Magnets and More!
October 2019: 20% Off 7" Record Sleeves - Record Cleaner Back in Stock, New Buttons, Sticker, Patches and More!
September 2019: 25% Off 24 Capacity CD/DVD Binders - New Record Storage Boxes, Buttons, Patches and More!
August 2019: 25% Off 12" Variable Depth Record Mailers - New Comic Sleeves, 7" Record Sleeves, Buttons, Patches and More!
July 2019: Click Here for 20% Off 7" Record Black Polylined Inner Sleeves - New Buttons, Patches, Stickers, Magnets and More!
June 2019: Click Here for 25% Off Clear 2 Disc DVD Boxes - New Buttons, Patches, Stickers, Magnets and More!

If we stock it - our price will be hard to beat!
Specializing in Distribution to Independent and Small Chain Music, Comic Book, Video Game, Book, and Specialty Shops, as well as Libraries, Independent Labels, Archivists, and Collectors!
AMAZON & EBAY'S TOP SELLING RECORD SLEEVE, Our very own creation #12SE03. Buy directly and save!

In the World of Media Packaging, We Have the Largest Selection for All Formats of Media:

  • 40 Different CD Cases
  • 82 Different DVD Cases
  • 15 Different Blu-Ray Cases
  • 234 Different Vinyl Sleeves & Jackets
  • 37 Different Shipping & Storage Cartons & Boxes
  • 16 Different Video Game Cases
  • 162 Different Stock Divider Cards. Custom Divider Cards are also available up to 48" x 54"!
  • Over 250 Different Security Equipment & Supplies
  • We Also Carry:

  • Thousands of different buttons (1140), patches (1364), stickers (871), & music related accessories.
  • 803 Supplies for record, tape, compact disc, and comic resellers and collectors.
  • Subculture Clothing & Accessories - Punk, Rockabilly, Goth, Retro & More at Discount Prices.
  • Fun Stuff - Incense, Candleholders, Keychains, Books, Photos, Postcards & More
  • We Also Carry, and are Working on Getting Online Again After Our Building Fire:

  • -1 Video games from Atari 2600 to Sony Playstation 2 and X-Box 360.
  • Thousands of comic books and related items (-1+).
  • Out-of-print, discontinued, and hard to find recordings on vinyl (1990), CDs (6224), and 8-track (2196).

  • New To the Site:
  • Our Enamel Pin selection is growing, and has been moved into "Buttons & Pins" category
  • We've added a new style of divider cards for vertical shelf storage - Shelf Divider Cards - a more low profile (and economical!) way of labelling your collection
  • We now carry Bubble Mailers - sizes suited for CDs, DVDs & More! These are more economical than the traditional Cardboard Mailers that we also carry.
  • We're plugging away at getting our CD & LP selection back up - over 4,400 CDs and 600 Vinyl Records - over 550 of which are NEW & SEALED!
  • The search box is a little smarter. Now if you search for "grateful dead decal", it will automatically substitute (sticker or decal) for decal so the stickers will show up too. You can also now use parenthesis in search so "police (patch or button)" will give you police patches and buttons.

  • June 1st, 2016

    Our divider card equipment is fully running and operational. All sizes are available -and as always - we do custom sizes at no extra charge!

    The bulk of our buttons are up and ready to fulfill.

    Media (LPs, CDs, Cassettes, Video Games & Comics) - we had to remove these from the website, as the stock we kept in our building got wet during the fire. Watching the big clouds of smoke when the fire department intentionally burned the comics was heartbreaking. :_( Decades worth of cool collectables just gone. We're still sad about it. :( HOWEVER - We did have quite a bit of product at another location in backstock. We are working on Vinyl Records first, getting them organized and online for sale. Our vinyl expert, Tom, has been neck deep in records for over a month - lucky for both of us, he loves vinyl. <3 When we have a good chunk up, we will send out a bulk email to everyone with an account to let you know. After records, we'll start on another section until they are all up.

    If there's any products you're interested in that have a status of "We expect this item in soon, please contact us for ETA." it means we simply have not had time to research that item yet to figure out if we have more in backstock, or if it's reorder-able. By you contacting us, or ordering it - we will immediately research it and get the ball rolling. So please don't hesitate to ask if you are interested. :)

    And we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of our awesome customers! The support has been overwhelming, and we really appreciate the time people have taken to reach out and let us know they were happy to see us back up and running! :) As you may or may not know - we are a independent family run business, and the same day Square Deal burned we also lost our adjacent retail store The Sub. Both of which have been in operation since 1972. It's been a super challenging time for us, but we're not quitters!

    "Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it"

    Family Owned & Operated - Since 1971

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