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Product Listing For Artist 'SUBLIME'


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1-LPT-89292,$5.98,"3.63"" x 2.75"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Are You a Bad Fish Too? (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",3.63,2.75,
1-LPT-89294,$5.98,"3.5"" x 2.63"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Boom Box (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",3.5,2.63,
1-LPT-19063,$3.49,"5"" x 1.5"" Patch","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Courier Tribal Logo (white on black rectangle)",5,1.5,
1-LPT-89289,$5.98,"4.5"" x 1.63"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Green Olde English Logo - Long Beach, CA (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",4.5,1.63,
1-LPT-89287,$6.99,"4.13"" x 2.25"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Green Van (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",4.13,2.25,
1-LPT-89291,$5.98,"4.63"" x 2.25"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Joint Logo (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",4.63,2.25,
1-LPT-9582,$6.99,"4"" x 2"" Patch","90","63","88","SUBLIME","License Plate Logo",4,2,"<BR><BR>UPC: 190153029857<BR>"
1-LPT-39026,$6.99,"3.13"" x 3.25"" Patch","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Lou Dog on Black with Long Beach California",3.13,3.25,
1-LPT-19007,$4.48,"3"" x 3"" Patch","90","63","88","SUBLIME","Lou Dog on Red Background with Flowers",3,3,
1-LPT-89288,$6.99,"3.25"" x 3.25"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Lou Dog with Red Logo (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",3.25,3.25,
1-LPT-89286,$5.98,"2.88"" x 3.75"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Santaria - Skeleton Playing Guitar (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",2.88,3.75,
1-LPT-89120,$5.98,"4"" x 5.125"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Sparrows Holding Banner with Logo (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",4,5.125,
1-LPT-58091,$5.99,"3.5"" x 3.63"" Patch","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Sun Logo (Cut Out to the Shape of the Design)",3.5,3.63,

1-DCD-5889,$2.99,"4.75"" x 3.63"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Are You a Bad Fish Too?",4.75,3.63,
1-DCD-5894,$2.99,"5"" x 3.75"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Boom Box",5,3.75,
1-CST-11337,$1.99,"5.25"" x 2.25"" Color Sticker","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Fire Tribal Logo",5.25,2.25,"<br> <br> UPC: 844568059281"
1-DCD-5890,$2.99,"6"" x 2.25"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Green Long Beach Logo",6,2.25,
1-DCD-5892,$2.99,"6"" x 1.63"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Green Old English Logo",6,1.63,
1-DCD-5891,$2.99,"6"" x 2"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Joint Logo",6,2,
1-CST-15055,$2.99,"5"" x 2.5"" Color Sticker","90","63","88","SUBLIME","License Plate Logo",5,2.5,
1-CST-15473,$2.99,"4"" x 4.25"" Color Sticker","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Lou Dog on Black with Long Beach California",4,4.25,
1-CST-5627,$2.99,"3.5"" x 5"" Color Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Red Logo on Repeating 40oz Bottle Pattern",3.5,5,
1-DCD-5888,$2.99,"3.88"" x 5"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Santeria - Skeleton Playing Guitar",3.88,5,
1-VTD-17163,$4.98,"6"" x 1.75"" Vinyl Rub-On Sticker (Asst. Colors)","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Second Hand Logo ((Available in  Black, White and Red. To Specify Please Use Notes Section During Checkout or We Will Choose For You))",6,1.75,"<P><a href="" red.png""><IMG Height=91 Width=300 SRC="" red.png""></a><P> <P><a href=""""><IMG Height=91 Width=300 SRC=""""></a><P>"
1-DCD-5893,$2.99,"4.75"" x 5"" Die Cut Sticker","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Sun Logo",4.75,5,

1-LRB-33177,$1.25,"1.25"" x 1.25"" 1-1/4"" Button","90","63","88","SUBLIME","Classic Sun Logo from 40 oz. To Freedom Album",1.25,1.25,"<P> Back: <P><a href="" button back.png""><IMG Height=300 Width=300 SRC="" button back.png""></a><P><BR><BR>UPC: 844568024661 <BR>"
1-ENP-3403,$6.99,"1.25"" x 0.63"" Enamel Pin","90","197",,"SUBLIME","License Plate",1.25,0.63,
1-LRB-33842,$1.25,"1-1/4"" Button","90","197","63","SUBLIME","Lou Dog - Long Beach, California",,,

1-DOG-112117,$399.99,"23"" x 20"" Dog","90",,,"SUBLIME","Lou Dog",23,20,"<BR><BR>Our beloved warehouse puppy, Louie, is definitely worth much much more than $399.99, however that was our highest price point in this database.    <BR>    Louie is a rescue dog (the best kind), born around January of 2017,  and enjoys his days sitting next to our Operations Manager and getting pets from everyone when they come to the office.  While we know he looks nothing like the original Sublime Lou Dog, his owner is a longtime Sublime junkie, so Louie was the obvious name choice for her first dog.  <BR><BR>
*Paper Clips<BR>
*Treats, Treats, Treats<BR>
*Being Petted<BR>
*Following his person around<BR>
*Being Petted (he loves this, so he wanted it on the list twice)<BR>
*Eating Poop (We're working on that one)<BR>
*Day Sleeping <BR>
*Coming to Work<BR>
*His favorite USPS Delivery Person, Malcolm.<BR><BR>
*Staying home while his person works.<BR>
*Being away from his person<BR>
*Loud sudden noises<BR>
*Being measured (his height and length here are approximate)<BR>
*Anyone watching him go #2<BR><BR> Please note:  Louie is not for sale.  ;)   HOWEVER you can own your very own button of Louie!   Check out item #1-RDB-36974

<P><a href="" alt1.jpg""><IMG Height=215 Width=300 SRC="" alt1.jpg""></a><P>"
1-MUG-61029,$5.98,"Coffee Cup / Mug","90","88","63","SUBLIME","Lou Dog Portrait LBC (Long Beach, CA) Logo",,,"<BR>Mug features the Lou Dog logo on both sides of the mug, holds 11oz, and is microwave/dishwasher safe"

1-MAG-31404,$3.49,"3.5"" x 2.5"" Magnet","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Are You a Bad Fish Too?",3.5,2.5,
1-MAG-31389,$3.49,"2.5"" x 3.5"" Magnet","90","197",,"SUBLIME","Sun Logo",2.5,3.5,

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