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Fun Stuff
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9.8" x 11.2" BookBATMANThe Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles and Documents from the Batcave by Brandon T. Snider$14.981-BOOK-9781608871049
9" x 11.5" BookBEATLES, THEBeatles and the Sixties$9.981-BOOK-80505059
6.25" x 9.25" BookTicket to Ride - Inside the Beatles' 1964 Tour that Changed the World$12.981-BOOK-0-7624-1592-4
8.38" x 9.25" BookBOWIE, DAVIDEver Changing Hero by Sean Egan - Forward by Malcolm Mackenzie (Hardcover)$12.981-BOOK-978-0-85775-989-4
8.5" x 11" BookWe Could Be Heroes: The Stories Behind Every David Bowie Song by Chris Welch.$14.981-BOOK-1-56025-209-X
6" x 9" BookCOLTRANE, JOHNBeyond A Love Supreme: John Coltrane and the Legacy of an Album by Tony Whyton$12.981-BOOK-9780199733248
5.25" x 8.19" BookCOMMODORE 64The Elementary Commodore 64 by William B. Sanders from Datamost, Inc.$19.981-BOOK-4883100034
12" x 16.5" BookDURAN DURANBlue 5-Poster Book (face shots of ea. of the duran duran members. This is a large, un-bound book complete with FIVE full color posters.$3.981-BOOK-20501
12" x 16.5" BookRed 5 Poster Book (5 different posters of each member in live performing shots) This is a large, un-bound book complete with FIVE full color posters.$3.981-BOOK-20500
11" x 8.5" BookEAGLES, THEEagles: Taking It To The Limit$54.981-BOOK-3984
12" x 12" BookEVERYTHING ELSE - Funny, Humor, Slogans, Weird Stuff & Misc. Random Goodness!Album Cover Art of Soundtracks, The$29.981-BOOK-31648240
8" x 8.75" BookAnd You Shall Know Us By the Trail of Our Vinyl$7.981-BOOK-978-0-307-39467-5
11" x 8.5" BookArt of the Album Cover - A History & a How To$39.981-BOOK-978-0-7858-2677-4
9" x 9" BookCelebrity Vinyl$9.981-BOOK-978-19356132-5-1
7.5" x 8" BookDoo Wop: The Music, The Times, The Era$12.981-BOOK-978-1-4027-7511-6
10" x 11.5" BookRockin' The Rockabilly Scene$19.981-BOOK-978-1-8589-4528-6
BookSpecial Handling Fee$10.001-BOOK-FEE
BookFRIZZELL, LEFTYHonky-tonk Life of Country Music's Greatest Singer$14.981-BOOK-0-316-15620-5
8.5" x 11" BookGRATEFUL DEADRelix (Music for the Mind), The Book: The Grateful Dead Experience$24.991-BOOK-978-0-87930-986-2
11.5" x 10.5" BookGREEN DAYTreasures of Green Day$17.991-BOOK-978-1-4027-9854-2
8.6" x 11" BookGUITARSElectric Guitar: The Illustrated Encyclopedia$11.981-BOOK-978-1-59223-966-5
4.25" x 8" BookGruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars: An Identification Guide for American Fretted Instruments New Pocket Guide Version by Goerge Gruhn$14.981-BOOK-9780879309800
8.5" x 11" BookHow To Write Songs In Altered Guitar Tunings by Rikky Rooksby - Author of the Bestselling Songwriting Series$14.981-BOOK-9780879309534
8.75" x 11.75" BookModern Jazz Guitar Styles$12.981-BOOK-0-7866-5865-7
12" x 16.5" BookIRON MAIDEN5 Poster Book. This is a large, un-bound book complete with FIVE full color posters.$5.981-BOOK-20502
6.25" x 9.25" BookJAMES, RICKGlow: The Autobiography of Rick James By Rick James and David Ritz$19.951-BOOK-978-1-4767-6414-6
10.5" x 13" BookLADY GAGALady Gaga - Terry Richardson$17.981-BOOK-978-1-4555-1389-5
11.75" x 11.25" BookLED ZEPPELINLed Zeppelin Revealed - by Jason Draper with introduction by Paul Du Noyer$16.981-BOOK-978-1-84451-733-6
10.2" x 8.5" BookLENNON, JOHNI Met the Walrus$9.981-BOOK-978-0-06-171326-2
12.5" x 12.25" BookJohn & Yoko A New York Love Story$19.981-BOOK-978-1-933784-22-9
8.5" x 11.25" BookPAUL, LESThe Early Years of The Les Paul Legacy 1915-1963 by Robb Lawrence$24.991-BOOK-978-0-634-04861-6
8.5" x 9.5" BookPINK FLOYDGlorious Torment$12.981-BOOK-978-0-85775-988-7
8.5" x 12" BookThe Legend of Pink Floyd: A Collection of Classic, Rare and Unseen Photographs$9.981-BOOK-978-0-9568642-8-4
9.25" x 9.25" BookPRESLEY, ELVISEverything Elvis$9.981-BOOK-1560251786
6" x 8.5" BookPRINCEPrince: Chaos, Disorder, and Revolution by Jason Draper
11" x 11" BookRAINBOWRainbow: Stargazers (Book + 4-DVD Set)$19.981-BOOK-978-0-9566039-3-7
9.25" x 12" BookSLASH (of GUNS N' ROSES)An Intimate Portrait. Photography by Robert Knight, Foreward by Ronnie Wood, Preface by Joe Perry and Text by Richard Beinstock.$14.981-BOOK-978-1-60887-149-0
9.25" x 12.25" BookSTOOGES, THEThe Stooges: The Authorized and Illustrated Story by Robert atheu
Formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1967, the Stooges are icons of modern rock, influencing the fledgling sounds of punk, heavy meta
6.25" x 9.5" BookTOWNSHEND, PETEWho I Am$16.991-BOOK-978-0-00-746603-0
6" x 9" BookWAINWRIGHT, RUFUSThere Will Be Rainbows: A Biography of Rufus Wainwright by Kirk Lake$9.981-BOOK-978-1-4091-1294-5

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