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All 8-Tracks in Category 'Soundtracks'
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Artist Title Format Price Number
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BLOODSTONETrain Ride to Hollywood O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-LON-665-3
CHARLES, RAY / CLEO LAINEPorgy & Bess S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1831-3
ELECTRIC MOOG ORCHESTRAClose Encounters...Music From S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-MSCR-8803-3
FRANKLIN, ARETHASparkle8-Track (New)$9.986-ATL-18176-3
HARRIS, RICHARDProphet, The: Khalil Gibran8-Track (New)$9.986-ATL-18120-3
HAYES, ISAACThree Tough Guys O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-ENPS-7504-3
IMPRESSIONS, THEThree The Hard Way O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-AMPX-88602-3
JOHN, ELTONFriends O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-PCK-3598-3
JONES, QUINCYRoots: The Saga Of An American Family O.T.V.8-Track (New)$9.986-A&M-4626-3
KNIGHT, GLADYS & THE PIPSPipe Dreams O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-BUD-5676-3
LIVING STRINGSPlay The Music From 'Darling Lili' S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-PCK-1099-3
MANCINI, HENRYPeter Gunn O.T.V.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-2143-3
MAYFIELD, CURTISShort Eyes O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-CUR-5017-3
ORIGINAL CAST RECORDING (O.C.R.)CoCo O.B.C.8-Track (New)$9.986-PMT-9008-3
Godspell O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-BELL-1102-3
Godspell O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-BELL-1118-3
Grease O.B.C.8-Track (New)$9.986-MGM-34-3
Hair O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-0986-3
Jesus Christ Superstar (excerpts) O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-SPB-40000-3
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-SCP-588-3
Over Here O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-32961-3
Porgy & Bess O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-2016-3
Raisin O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-32754-3
Rex O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1683-3
They're Playing Our Song O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-CASA-7141-3
Truth Of Truths, Vol. 2 O.C.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-OAK-81391001-3
OSIBISASuperfly T.N.T. O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-BUD-5136-3
ROSS, DIANAMahogany O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-MOT-858-3
SEALS & CROFTSOne On One O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-3076-3
SOUNDTRACK (O.S.T.)Africa Addio8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3022-3
Alice's Restaurant8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3037-3
All This And World War II8-Track (New)$9.986-TWC-522-3
Anne Of The Thousand Days8-Track (New)$9.986-DECC-9174-3
Aristocats8-Track (New)$9.986-AMPX-349-3
Big Time, The8-Track (New)$9.98**6-TML-355-3
Billy Jack8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-1001-3
Bronco Billy8-Track (New)$9.986-EKS-512-3
Brothers8-Track (New)$9.986-CUR-8304-3
Car Wash8-Track (New)$9.986-MCA-6000-3
Chaplins's Back8-Track (New)$9.986-PMT-6026-3
Damned, The8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-1829-3
Funny Lady8-Track (New)$9.986-ARI-9004-3
Gaily, Gaily8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3038-3
Grease8-Track (New)$9.986-RSO-4002-3
Great Gatsby, The8-Track (New)$9.986-PMT-3001-3
Great Waldo Pepper, The8-Track (New)$9.986-MCA-2085-3
Haunted8-Track (New)$9.986-MIDS-2131-3
Hooray For Hollywood8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-361-3
How To Steal A Million8-Track (New)$9.986-TCF-4183-3
It's My Turn8-Track (New)$9.986-MOT-947-3
Italian Job, The [1969]8-Track (New)$9.986-AM-9005-3
Laura // The Bad And The Beautiful // Forever Amber8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1490-3
Little Prince, The8-Track (New)$9.986-ABC-854-3
Live For Life (Vivre Por Vivre)8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3026-3
Love Is A Funny Thing8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3040-3
Madwoman Of Chaillot, The8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-1805-3
Main Event, The8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-36115-3
Mame8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-2773-3
O Lucky Man!8-Track (New)$9.986-WB-2710-3
Omen, The [1976]8-Track (New)$9.986-RCA-1888-3
Popi8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-3034-3
Rocky8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-693-3
Rollerball8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-29865-3
Sounder8-Track (New)$9.986-COL-31944-3
Survival Of St. Joan8-Track (New)$9.986-PMT-9000-3
Thank God It's Friday8-Track (New)$9.986-CASA-7099-3
That's Entertainment, Part 28-Track (New)$9.986-MGM-5301-3
Tick...Tick...Tick...8-Track (New)$9.986-MGM-4667-3
Tom Sawyer8-Track (New)$9.986-UA-057-3
Viva Max!8-Track (New)$9.986-VIC-1529-3
W.C. Fields And Me8-Track (New)$9.986-MCA-2092-3
V.A. - Various Artists50 Years Of American Movies8-Track (New)$9.986-MSCR-302/2-3
50 Years Of Broadway Music: Tape 18-Track (New)$9.986-MSCR-3801/1-3
50 Years Of Broadway Music: Tape 28-Track (New)$9.986-MSCR-3801/2-3
WAKEMAN, RICKWhite Rock O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-A&M-4614-3
WARWICK, DIONNELove Machine, The O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-SCP-595-3
WILLIAMS, ANDYCall Me Irresponsible S.T.R.8-Track (New)$9.986-CLE-10047-3
WONDER, STEVIEJourney Through The Secret Life Of Plants O.S.T.8-Track (New)$9.986-TML-371-3
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